Aquum proves that “budget” does not necessarily mean “tacky”. A recently-opened bar in the heart of the popular Clapham district of London, Aquum is already acquiring a reputation as a hip, yet sophisticated and well-stocked bar.

When we say “well-stocked”, we mean it. Split over three stories, with bars on every one of them, Aquum has every cocktail imaginable. If you like gin, try the Clover Club – fresh raspberries and gin with lemon juice, raspberry syrup and egg white served in a chilled hi-ball glass – a slightly sweet, easy to drink, delicately pink cocktail. Vodka fans, however, might opt for a Lychee and Peach martini (fresh Lychee and peach with ice cold vodka). At Aquum, there’s something for everyone.

Some bars are all style, no substance. With the nature of Aquum’s “substances”, you’d expect some compromises on style – but not Aquum. Whether you want a fast-paced funky atmosphere (the first floor, containing a DJ and dance floor is just the ticket for that!) or a relaxed and eased night with your escort (the top floor – discreet leather booths under a vast skylight – romantic’s the word!) Aquum will provide it.

Whether it’s loud laughs and high jinks, or peaceful sighs and discreet romantic cuddles you and your escort are looking for, you can find no better balance than Aquum.

68-70 Clapham High Street,
(020) 7627 2726