Baker Street Escorts

Baker Street Escorts

Baker Street escorts are blessed to work in such an amazing area, because it offers some of the best attractions in all of the capital. The area might be very famous for its fictional detective inhabitant but the big draw nowadays is the truly amazing sights that are on offer. The many shops, boutiques and amusements nearby will blow your mind, and really make you want to come back again and again. The attractions in the area really do provide an ideal way for anyone to while away a few hours or kill those lonely blues.

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Within the Marylebone district of London’s city of Westminster, you will find the well known area of Baker Street. Named after William Baker, the builder who laid the street in the eighteenth century, Baker Street was once lined with very high class residential properties. Today, it mainly consists of commercial premises drawing many crowds on a daily basis.

Baker Street is most famous for being home to the fictional character Sherlock Holmes. His address of 221B Baker Street actually doesn’t exist, but it still attracts tourists to the area.

This central location is a busy area of London with excellent transport links including an Underground tube station, which was in fact the first ever underground station built in the world. The rest of London is easily accessible from here.

Baker Street, looking north to Regent's Park, north LondonBaker Street escorts are very popular with gentlemen who live or work in the area, as they have been for many years. To hire one of the beautiful escorts Baker Street has to offer is one of the most fulfilling ways to pass your time here, and gentlemen continue to be satisfied by the fabulous service they offer. If you are interested in booking a Baker Street escort, simply call us to arrange a meeting with the girl of your choice; she may just turn out to be the girl of your dreams!

There are many attraction to see in Baker Street. Madame Tussauds was first opened here in 1835 where the first permenant waxwork exhibition was displayed; it has since been moved just around the corner to Marylebone Road. Many other popular shopping areas are nearby, such as Oxford Street and Regent Street. Not far away is the West End where you will find a wealth of activities to do; whether you want to visit a restaurant or see a show at the theatre, you will find what you’re looking for here.