Batswana Escorts

Botswana gained independence in 1966, and although it was one of the most impoverished countries in Africa at the time, it has since grown to thrive, and now has one of the most successful economies on the continent. Since its independence, it has held fair democratic elections. More than fifty percent of its population are above the poverty line, and it looks set to continue to grow and thrive.

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Many people living in the UK who have been intrigued by the culture of Botswana, and who have always wanted to visit but have never found the time or money will often find that spending a night or two in the delightful company of a Batswana escort will give them exactly what they are looking for. These girls embody the best aspect of their home country, and the fact that they embody them in curvaceous bodies that would appeal to any man is another contributing factor to their popularity.

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