The Allure of Brunette Escorts

You see a lot of blonde escorts and porn stars – sometimes natural blondes, but often bleached. For some guys, this is their perfect fantasy; a deep tan, long nails and eye lashes, and big boobs like Barbie. However, more and more men are starting to opt for brunette escorts instead. Brunettes are perceived in a very different way, and although most of these perceptions are stereotypes, many are true. For example, brunettes are thought to be more intelligent and sophisticated than blondes. This may not always be true, but we have some very intelligent and sophisticated brunette escorts at out agency to back up this point!

Many men see brunettes as the most loyal, reliable and successful women. Our escorts with dark hair are certainly loyal to you when you make a booking; for that time, they only have eyes for you. They are here to be anything you need, whether it’s a friend, a date or an intimate companion. It’s not like when you chat up a lady in a bar, only to have her swiped from under your nose by some guy who looks like a Calvin Klein model! When you book an escort from us, she’s there only for you. You can rest assured that all of the girls you see on our website are reliable, otherwise we would not have them representing V London Escorts. Our professional drivers are just as reliable, and they’re ready to make sure your escort arrives at the time you requested. Just by looking at the way these ladies dress and carry themselves, you’ll be able to see for yourself how successful they are – the fact that you want to spend time with them means that they’re doing a great job.

One myth that is not true is that blondes have more fun than brunettes, and are more game for a good time: all of the escorts here, whether they’re blonde, brunette or redhead, know how to get the party started! Of course, we all know that the colour of a woman’s hair does not dictate her behaviour or her personality, though it’s true that it can create a particular image due to the stereotypes reinforced by the media. If you’re looking for a companion to take to an important event you can bear this in mind, but we can guarantee that any one of our lovely escorts will have all of the wonderful qualities you’re looking for. Book a brunette London escort now, and find out how desirable they are.