And So We Fall Ill

Whilst we embrace the autumnal colours that litter our landscape, the change in weather doesn’t come without terms and conditions. As everyone knows, we are now entering cold season. Because each individual is exactly that, it’s a given that we will all get the dreaded common cold at the same time – in fact, if you pose this question, everyone will immediately know their most vulnerable time of year. Of course, we don’t recommend this be put forward at a cocktail party; nothing quite breaks up a Woo-Woo and Sex On The Beach with snot chat. Instead, perhaps bring it up around cooler. The topic of conversation that is, not the snot.

Irresistible Escorts

Personally, the time of the year that is sensitive to this particular blogger is round about now, and so, you’ve guessed it, is currently suffering slightly. Of course, our dedication to our clients, customers, gentlemanly admirers, overrules our need to take time off. When you’re sick in bed, there is absolutely no interaction with the wonderful men that employ our services most religiously, and this makes us a little bit sad, if we’re honest. It is for these reasons, namely the look of pure joy and appreciation on our patron’s faces when they meet with their chosen companion, perhaps a brunette escort, that makes it all worthwhile. Without the loyalty of our clients, we wouldn’t have anything to get up for. And so we thank you, each and everyone of you! But back to the important bits – just how ill do you get?

Illness Can Be Methodical

Ours is usually the most mundane and predictable, following the same pattern every single year. It starts off with a scratchy throat; whilst not as severe as swallowing glass, it certainly begins to take on that form. Then comes the runny nose. This will forever take us by surprise; namely on the train or when we’re chatting to that really beautiful person, when you feel like you’re dribbling from your nasal cavity. Then the gruff voice. Really, we’re considering partaking in a Barry White sound-a-like contest. We don’t have the vocal skills to sound exactly like the big man, but we’re confident of tone. But if you’re well enough to, we suggest getting out into the public and mixing with your fellow germ-free pals. That’s what we want to do, anyway.