Are You the Odd One Out?

If you’re single and your friends aren’t, you’ll know how it feels to be the odd one out. Call it what you may – a gooseberry, a third wheel… the fact is, if you’re surrounded by couples at every social function, it can become quite nauseating. For some, this just emphasises your loneliness and makes you long for a partner of your own; for others, you just get bored of standing by yourself while your friends whisper sweet nothings into their other halves’ ears.

If your friends recognise that you’re stuck by yourself, they might try to set you up with their friends to even out numbers – however, blind dates can be even worse than being the odd one out! The woman could end up being really boring, or you might not fancy them at all. This is hardly a solution; actually, it just makes you look a bit like a charity case, which is not what you want!

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