Banish the Blues

No-one likes to be down in the dumps. It drains your energy, and makes things that usually make you happy seem mundane and uninteresting. A negative outlook can actually change the outcome of things in your life, so it’s important to keep a positive attitude to make things go your way. It might seem hard to muster up some optimism, but with these tips, you can take a step in the right direction.

People get the blues for all sorts of reasons. It could be because of something bad that’s happened in your personal life; the end of a romantic relationship, the death of a friend or relative. Perhaps you’ve recently lost your job, you’re struggling with your work load or are having financial difficulties. For some, it is not the circumstances surrounding them, but hormone imbalances that make them feel low and depressed. In less serious cases, this can often be cured with a change of scenery, a boost of adrenaline or a fun activity. For more severe cases of depression, it may be necessary to see a therapist and find out if medication is needed.

If you’ve had the blues recently, there are plenty of ways to cheer yourself up. During the winter months, it’s more common to feel gloomy; Seasonal Affective Disorder is something that affects many of us to some extent. Now that we’re finally coming into Spring, we can get the dose of sunshine that we’ve been missing! Not only will the sun warm your shackles, but the the change in routine of spending time outdoors could be just what you need to put a smile on your face. If you have the time, a long weekend away will take you out of that monotony and allow you to view things from a fresh perspective.

It could be that you need something to motivate you and give you a new focus. If you’re not already a member of a gym, this can be a great way to find a new social circle, giving you new goals to concentrate on. If you look better, you will feel better about yourself. It will boost your confidence and make you feel more energetic. It has been scientifically proven that exercise releases endorphins into your body, otherwise known as ‘happy hormones’. You’ll feel on top of the world before you know it!

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