Because Saying No Is Boring

So today is the first of June, and it seems the year is almost halfway through and we haven’t accomplished as much as we would like to have done. Some of us are still heavy smokers, others are heavy drinkers, and some haven’t ventured out the house on a Saturday night in almost a year. This can seem slightly hypocritical when we always urge our clients to spend these times with some of the gorgeous gals we have working with us, here at V. But all too often we never live by our own advice, instead choosing to tell others what they should be doing. In all honesty, we’re never going to stop urging you to indulge in some time with the beautiful London escorts that we have available. This might be because of just how incredible this time can be. So, we’re instead we’re going to start enjoying ourselves even more.

It seems we have so many rules and restrictions that stop us from doing things, if we actually took the time to remember why we have these thoughts and feelings, we would probably struggle somewhere near the beginning. It’s a Friday, so the chances of having a glass of wine after work is strong. It’s a Friday, so this is allowed. Next Tuesday, we would have previously denied ourselves this luxury because it’s a school night. We’re not sure why we aren’t allowed a single glass – unless we’ve eaten nothing that day and the likelihood of the Chardonnay going straight to our head starts to escalate. However, this is very uncommon so, next Tuesday, we will allow ourselves a glass of wine. We’ll get back to you about that. We’re excited, this is a given.

Going out is a whole different option, entirely, however. With the late nights, you are more likely to have a rubbish work day. If you’re with a companion, though, they’ll make you forget about any deadlines, stress or anxiety you may be harbouring. They’re good that way, see. And seeing that the Diamond Jubilee is this weekend, it seems silly to go out, be thrust about in the crowds and rub shoulders (literally) with strangers. If it’s hot, it’ll be sticky and uncomfortable; if it’s raining, you’ll struggle to find a table at any half decent eatery in the city. Sorry, what was that, brunette escorts? You’re free this weekend? Well, we think you know what to do now.