Being Incredibly Small In The Eye Of The Storm

Unless you call your home ‘Under a Rock’, you will be fully aware of the giant hurricane currently taking the American east coast by storm. Whilst the intensity is expected to lessen, the devastation has already happened in many states in the US. With almost seven million people without power and sixteen having tragically lost their lives, the clean up is what comes next. A Red Cross fund has already been set up for those wishing to donate to help restore savaged areas after President Obama declared a ‘major disaster in New York and Long Island. Already the images circulating on the internet are enough to make us sharply inhale, and we hope that those who are still in the heart of it are staying as safe as can be. It’s instances like this that show us just how important it is to live everyday like it’s your last. This might be buying that pair of shoes you’ve been eyeing up or doing something you’ve always felt a bit too reserved to do.

Don’t Dawdle, Live Life

In the latter instance, it could most definitely be spending time with any of the brunette escorts we have in our galleries. The companionship available from these ladies is unmatchable with any other mundane task. For example, a pint and a match in the pub does not even compare to what excitement you can enjoy with any of the girls we have available. When you can pretty much see your mates any day of the week, it only makes sense for you to indulge in the company of our escorts whenever your favourite is available. Without perseverance, we would accomplish very little in our lives. And so we say this, taking into account the unknow of tomorrow, do something today that you really want to. With so much see and do in this world, when someone is tragically taken from us, it can feel like such a waste; in most instances, because it is.

Forgetting The Sadness

We apologise for the perhaps more sombre mood of today’s blog, but when huge natural disasters happen, it provides us with the perfect opportunity to really assess our lives and remember that they are fragile. Here at V, we don’t ask why our clients use our services, instead applauding them for being in the minority that see what they want and go for it. It’s imperative that you live your life for you. Everyone has an opinion, that goes without saying. But how can they pass judgement on your life when they don’t know every single detail that contributes to it. So go out and live YOUR life, just the way it was intended.