Better Ways to the Big ‘O’

Some women are notoriously difficult to bring to climax. Whether you’re using your mouth, your hands or having sex, the right foreplay can be a real art. Girls usually know their own bodies well enough to make themselves orgasm; in fact, 47% of women experience their first ever orgasm through masturbation. Some can only come this way, others prefer being with a partner. Some can only come from clitoral stimulation, others through penetration. Each woman is unique, so learn how her body works by asking where she likes to be touched, how fast, how hard. With her guidance, you stand a much better chance of hitting the big O!

A lady has to be comfortable with her surroundings if she’s going to climax. Make sure you’re somewhere private (unless she’s an exhibitionist) and warm (if you want her to get naked). Experts have recommended warming her up by giving her a sensual foot massage. Women hate to have cold feet, and there are also many nerve endings here that link to her special place. You could even use a warming gel to get her going, but remember to wash your hands before touching her intimately.

Never underestimate the importance of foreplay. It can take a woman anywhere from seconds to hours to reach orgasm, so you have to be patient; don’t try going straight for her clitoris because that’s unlikely to work. Start of stroking her gently, kissing her and showing affection. When she warms up to you, then zone in and pay attention to the whole area before going for gold. If you’re using your tongue, flicking her clit directly may be too intense for her. Instead, focus around it, swirling your tongue around and over it.

We asked our Guildford escorts which other things really get them going when they’re with a man, and they love a musky scent. Too much aftershave is a turn off so don’t go overboard, but musky cologne actually mimic’s a man’s testosterone, so a little of that can get you a long way. Smell is strongly linked to libido as it’s one of the strongest senses, so make sure you have this box ticked.

If you’re having trouble getting your girl to orgasm, take the advice of our London escorts and use the tips above. With a joint effort, you will overcome that hurdle in no time!