Blonde Bombshells

Throughout the decades, blonde bombshells have been driving men wild with desire. There’s something about them that ignites a fire inside you; hardly any man could resist the temptation of those golden locks! Many of our clients love to meet with beautiful blonde escorts, knowing that they’ll be in for a fun and sensual evening.

Men lusting after blonde bombshells isn’t a recent development; for years they have been using their feminine wiles to be the ultimate fantasy. A popular look is when blonde hair is teamed with blue eyes, long legs and big breasts – some women go to great lengths to achieve this image. One the one hand you have the natural beauties with fair hair and a light complexion; on the other, you have girls who spend hours tanning, bleaching and highlighting, some with breast implants and long false nails and eye lashes. Both types of girl are very successful with men – it just depends on your taste!

From the 1930s, a selection of Hollywood screen sirens became pin up girls for men across America. It all started with the ballsy Mae West and Jean Harlow, who starred in ‘Platinum Blonde’ and ‘Bombshell’. Following in her footsteps, the world was taken by storm when Marilyn Monroe discovered peroxide! She reinvented her image from girl-next-door to seductress, winning the hearts of men all over the world. Jayne Mansfield was also a huge hit with her hourglass figure and low cut dresses. Again, she was a natural brunette, but understood the allure of blonde women.

Later on in the 1960s, men became captivated with French sweetheart Bridget Bardot, and also Ursula Andress – the Bond girl who wore a white bikini in ‘Dr No’. This scene has been recreated many times over the years by blondes who want to channel this icon.

Pamela Anderson had the Playboy bunny look down in the 90s, and her Baywatch scenes in that famous red swimming costume made men in their millions dream of her rescuing them from the sea. Today, starlets like Scarlett Johansson and Christina Aguilera hold the title for sexiest blondes.

Although these icons are all women that you could only ever dream of meeting, there is a way that you can turn your fantasy into reality: book a blond escort tonight and find out why these girls are such a huge hit with men! Blonde escorts are the way to go.