Blonde Escorts London – That’s the Key

Blonde escorts London. My friend is always telling me how I should dye my hair and stop being blonde – at least take a break from it for a while. They say blondes have more fun. It is a total cliché right? Well some clichés are clichés because they are simply the stone cold truth. That aside, I don’t know if this is entirely the case. I would tend to go for the fact that blondes have other people’s fun more often, whilst brunettes and black-haired vamps tend to make their own fun, and drag others into it once the fun is established. I’m too busy getting invites to dance, come here with those guys, go there with these guys, check out this thing with this dude and his friends to worry about making my own fun. I just go with the flow. I can’t help it if I improve the environment, or like, add to the scenery.

My goal is to make situations better simply by arriving on the scene. Presence is a powerful thing. I was told by a witch -a Wicca type witch that is- that whenever you enter a room, you should take a few deep breaths before hand and start to visualise that your body is glowing pink -let your aura fill up with bright, sparkling, pink energy and then imagine that it is pulsing and beaming and infecting everyone else, or well, at least like, prodding them a bit and getting to take some notice. The pink vibe is also like, full of love and happiness of course! So you can be a big ball of sexy candy floss.

Yeah, I am an escort. I’m a very successful one at that. Almost all of my clients are regulars. Usually when I ask a new client how they found me, they say something like: “I just Googled Blonde Escorts London, and then I found you.” Yeah, I know, like, wow. That is all it takes. Usually they just say that they found me the most striking. This is England of course, so it is kinda rare for a guy to just come out and say: I thought you were the hottest looking, or you were far more sexy than any other girl I saw. I don’t care. I can read between the lines. It is my job to make people feel good. Give them some company. Listen to them. Whatever they want.”