Cheer Yourself Up

It’s natural to have the blues every now and then. Sometimes just a grey, cloudy sky is all it takes to bring you down, or it could be more pressing issues such as a heavy work load or family problems. There are some people who almost seem to relish in this feeling, constantly moaning and wallowing in their own self pity. Anyone who falls into this category is unlikely to accept advice, so this article may not be of any help to them. But for the rest of you, you’ll be delighted to hear that there are ways to pick yourself up again!

There are so many positive moods and emotions to enjoy in life. You can feel happy, energetic, relaxed, content, excited, grateful or relieved – each one feels different but is fantastic in its own way. These are the types of emotions we strive to experience; they make us feel good about ourselves and positive about life. Wouldn’t it be great if we could feel like this all the time! Of course, it’s natural to have negative feelings too, such as sadness, grief, fatigue, stress, annoyance and loathing. These are likely to occur at some point, but it’s best not to dwell on them if you can help it.

For the optimists amongst you, all it takes to kick those negative feelings is some positive thinking; if this works for you, that’s great! However, others need a bit more help to feel good again. Sometimes you have to take things into your own hands; call an old friend for a catch up, treat yourself to something new or just get out the house. Go for a jog to clear your head or spend some time on your favourite hobby. You need to find out what works best for you and apply it to your lifestyle.

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