Create Your Dating Profile

More and more men are turning to online dating sites to meet women. It does have great prospects; hundreds of girls in your local area, all looking to meet a man and all visible at the click of a button. On the plus side, you can initiate meetings without feeling nervous or embarrassed, and you can find out some things about them before you meet up. On the negative side, the internet allows anyone to pretend to be anyone. You could be looking at fake photos, a fake age or false personal information. You won’t know for sure until you meet her in person!

Be as honest as you can in your own profile. It’s pointless getting loads of women interested in you if they then run a mile at first glance! If you fib about your job, age and hobbies to make you sound more desirable, your dates will only be left disappointed.

First of all, work on your photo. Profiles with a photo have a much higher success rate than those without. Even if it means getting a friend to take lots of shots while you’re trying to strike a natural pose in your snazziest outfit, it’s worth the effort. If your photo looks half decent AND it’s an accurate representation of yourself, you’ll have much more luck with the women you meet.

When you’re writing about yourself and your hobbies, talk about things that you might like to share with a potential partner. Perhaps you like old movies or travelling; these are the kinds of activities a woman could imagine doing with you. Although it’s worth mentioning if you’re a football fanatic or a workaholic, bear in mind that this might not appeal to many females.

Our escort girls’ profiles give you an idea of what information dating sites are likely to ask you for. Generally you’ll have an online name, and a section to put your vital statistics – age, body type and height. Some are more specific, asking for your eye and hair colour. There will also be a chance to write a paragraph about yourself; if you have trouble with this, ask a friend to help you. Sometimes someone else’s opinion really helps your perspective. When writing about themselves, people can come across as too modest or too arrogant, both of which are turn offs. Try to find a good balance and watch the offers come flooding in!