A Day in the Life of an Escort Girl

Last Friday, I thought that I wouldn’t have a very busy night. There were a lot of escort girls working, so I was only likely to get bookings if the phone was ringing off the hook. I bought myself a magazine to keep myself occupied and settled in for the evening. I was ready to go straight away if I did get a client; my nails were painted red and I was wearing a new dress I’d bought that week, black and short with one shoulder. My hair was loose and wavy, and I wore high heels with straps around the ankle.

I’d only started my shift 20 minutes ago, but already I got a call from the escort agency; one of their regular clients had asked for me specifically. He must have liked my new photos! I’d never met him before, but one of the other girls told me what a great time she’d had with him. Apparently he was in his 40s and a very successful businessman; she told me that he was an old romantic, keeping all the chivalrous traditions. It sounded perfect!

Once my driver had picked me up, we were there within half an hour. The client was local so I met him at his town house. He was certainly prepared for me – everything inside was beautiful. I didn’t expect a bachelor pad to be so clean and tidy! He had laid the table with candles and had some soft music playing in the background; I didn’t recognise the singer, but it was smooth jazz that made me feel totally comfortable there. As we chatted, he explained that he treated himself to an escort once a month without fail, and again if he had something to celebrate such as a bonus from work. By now, he was used to entertaining ladies like me and it made my job feel easy!

We talked about where we’ve travelled and what we love about London, and about when I became a London escort. He was so easy to talk to. It made me remember why I got into this profession and how much I love meeting new people, and making them happy!

When the time came for me to leave, he told me that I’d made him really happy, so I was satisfied that I’d been a good companion. I don’t know whether he’ll book me again soon or if he’d like to meet someone new, but I hope that this Friday night will be as good as the last.