The Dynamic Duo

It’s a fantasy of most men to be with two girls at once. It’s all about wanting what you can’t have, or anything that could be considered slightly taboo. Most wives wouldn’t entertain the idea of another woman joining in your ‘intimate’ time together, but chances are the thought of it has crossed your mind more than once…

There’s not much point trying to chat up two girls at once in a bar. You may end up with a slap round the face with that method, and you’ll end up with neither of them! But there is one way you can make your dream come true and have the company of two stunning women for the evening – by hiring a pair of sexy duo escorts. This is where two girls together will visit you; some are bisexual, but it’s up to you to specify what you’re looking for. You could fulfil all of your fantasies by getting the best of both worlds; perhaps you’ll choose one blonde and one brunette, or a curvy girl and a slender girl.

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