Elite Escorts for a Top Service

At V London, we don’t just provide you with gorgeous girls; we give you top service from beginning to end. Right from the minute you call, we’re happy to answer any initial enquiries you might have about the industry or our service, then will take you through your booking quickly and efficiently. Our receptionists are here to help and will always be friendly, so there’s no need to be nervous when you make the call. We do have an email or live chat booking option too, but for immediate bookings, calling us is the best way to get an instant response.

Once your appointment has been confirmed, your chosen escort will be chauffeured to your meeting place at an agreed time that suits you; for immediate bookings in Central London, it could be inside 45 minutes from the time of booking! If you wish to extend your time together, please call the agency to arrange this – it’s a common occurrence with the elite escorts London offers. Gentlemen often think that an hour will be enough, but once they find out how divine these ladies are, they can’t resist prolonging their time together.

Sadly, this time must come to an end eventually; the girls are very popular, and highly sought after. If you have your heart set on one woman in particular, the best time to call is around 7pm to book her for later in the evening. If you leave it too late, she may have been snapped up by another suitor! Make sure you’re the first gentleman she comes to see.

After your appointment is over, please feel free to let us know how it went. Each girl has a section for comments underneath her profile, so you can let other clients know what you thought of her companionship. These comments are monitored, so please keep it clean! By sharing your experiences, you might help others to make up their mind about which beauty would be best for them. Of course, if you’d rather keep it private, you’re more than welcome to do so.

Your feedback is very important to us, ensuring that we continue to provide the best possible service to our valued clients. Please let us know how your booking went, and if there are any changes you would make to the service. We hope you had a wonderful experience and would recommend us to your friends.