Enjoy Eastern Delights

The East has introduced so many delights to the city of London. The most popular dish in England is in fact curry; forget about fish and chips! All over the capital, you’ll find traditional and authentic cuisine from Pakistan, India and Bangladesh. Brick Lane in E1, East London, has become famous for the wide selection of curry houses, with more than 90 situated there. It’s a popular night out for groups of friends, families and couples. Some of our London escorts have even been taken for meals there; afterwards, there are plenty of late night bars to choose from.

As well as Indian food, you can also enjoy Thai and Chinese dishes – both are extremely popular amongst Brits. Setting our taste buds aflame, we could never go back to eating just traditional English food! Luckily, it’s now possible to buy all the herbs and spices you need to introduce these tastes into your own kitchen.

It’s not only Eastern food that has an influence in the UK; you can also find the colourful fashion, and hear the lively music. Eastern art is popular in newly decorated houses, with minimalist ideas taken from Asia. It’s not unusual to see a kimono on the catwalk, or a bonsai tree on a window sill. The population in London is so diverse that bits of culture from all over the world have blended together to create an exciting, colourful lifestyle.

One of the best things to come from the East, for which we’ll always be grateful, is the availability of stunning Asian escorts in London. Some of the most gorgeous women you could possibly imagine come from Eastern parts of the world, with long black hair and an exotic beauty that would make blond escorts envious. Oriental escorts are hugely popular with our clients, and are never short of requests for their company. Many of our escorts are mixed race, Asian or Oriental blended with other nationalities. When you see how beautiful this combination is, you’ll want to see an Asian escort every night of the week!

If you’ve noticed the stunning escorts from Asia on our website and would like to make a booking, call us now. We’d be happy to organise a meeting for you, which could be as soon as in 30 minutes from now for those based in Central London.