The Escort Games 2012

So, seven years after we were told that we would be hosting the games, the day has finally come! Tonight, the ceremony will kick off weeks of summer games that will be watched by millions around the world. We can’t get over just how many categories, events and everything else that will be happening; a lot of planning and pre-planning and post-planning (we’re not sure if this is right, but we’re guessing it might be). It’s the same way we feel about how many beautiful ladies there are at V. We know, we did it again. We can’t help but segway into the gorgeous escorts that we have here at the agency. It seems, like many of our clients, they are always at the forefront of our minds. And when they look like they do, it doesn’t seem appropriate that they should be ignored or not thought about. If we held our own Escort Games, we would have so many categories and potential winners, we couldn’t even whittle it down to gold, silver and bronze. We’d pick them all as champions.

First up, we’d have to have a nationality category. Understanding just how diverse the V client base is, we like to ensure that every single one of our gentlemanly admirers are catered for. Perhaps they’re London-based and just prefer a lady of a certain nationality over another one. If this is the case, we’re pleased that we can provide them with a companion from a country that would normally cost them a lot of money to go and visit. Instead, they just need to touch in and out with the Oyster card. Problem sorted! They might not be from our fair city – perhaps visiting us on business from abroad? If this is the case, it makes sense that they would want to spend time with a girl from their own country; being homesick is just the worst feeling in the world. We feel that all of our nationality categories will be thoroughly perused in the up and coming weeks, and we couldn’t be prouder. But let us not forget that our English escorts have the home advantage.

Whilst there isn’t a possible even we could nudge these particular categories into, the hair-colour of a companion is an often well-considered thought of the selection process of many of our clients. The blondies don’t get as many men riled up as the brunette escorts, or the other way round! It depends if you like them fun and bubbly, or more of a seductive temptress. Be warned, these come in both colours.