An Escort for St Patrick’s Day

Each year on March 17th, we celebrate St Patrick’s Day. Known across the United Kingdom as the patron Saint of Ireland, this used to be a Christian festival; now it is widely celebrated, and mainly used as an excuse to go out and get tipsy!

Many people like to honour the Irish on this day by dressing in green and wearing novelty shamrock or leprechaun themed items. Almost every pub across London will be covered with St Patrick’s Day decorations, and many have offers on Irish beverages such as Guinness, Baileys and Magners cider. It has become quite common for crowds of friends to get a bit drunk and rowdy on this day of the year, just as they might if they visited the wonderful pubs in Dublin!

However, heavy drinking is not everyone’s cup of tea; you might want to celebrate in a different way. This is a great chance to meet a beautiful London escort you can treat yourself to a classic celtic beauty with fair skin and red hair, or perhaps find yourself an escort with green eyes. Our V Girls will certainly make it a night to remember!

You might think that occasions like this are more enjoyable when they fall on a weekend, but think of this as the perfect way to break up your week. Only two more days of work (for most), then it’ll be the weekend! Having some fun mid week really does help the time pass faster and breaks up some of the monotony of your daily routine.

St Patrick’s Day only comes once a year, so make sure you make the most of it!