Escorts at Festivals

Festival season has well and truly started; this weekend, two major events are happening. Glastonbury is taking place on Worthy Farm in Somerset, and London’s Hyde Park is hosting Hard Rock Calling. It’s your chance to watch some of the biggest artists and bands in the music industry perform on a major stage, enjoying the sunshine outdoors. Festivals in the UK are often dampened by the drizzly weather, but the forecast this weekend is looking hot!

Some of our escort girls are not big fans of festivals; although they love the live music, not having the chance to shower is not very appealing for them! These beautiful girls are used to having the best in life, so they don’t enjoy being separated from their wardrobes. They’re also well aware that high heels and muddy grass are not a good combination… however, some of our more down to earth escorts adore having a weekend break at a festival. They embrace their natural beauty, and adopt a ‘festival chic’ style of wellington boots and a sun hat!

If you’d love to go to a festival but don’t have anyone to go with, you might consider hiring a London escort for the day or for the weekend. For this kind of occasion they may not be at their most glamorous, but they still have their friendly charm intact! Our girls really know how to have a good time, and having an escort as a companion at a festival will make the whole experience even more magical. You can call us now to enquire about which girls would show you a good time at an event like this.

Festivals can be great places to make new friends. Everyone goes there to have fun so they will be in a good frame of mind; it’s the kind of place where you can talk to strangers and they won’t look at you funny. You’ll know who you have something in common with by seeing who likes the same bands as you, so you’ll already have a conversation starter. You can also strike up friendships with fellow campers by lending them any essentials they’ve forgotten to bring – toilet roll is always a hit!

Our pretty escorts understand how important it is to look after their skin, so if they are going to any festivals this summer they will remember to wear sunscreen. Although everyone wants a tan, red and peeling is not a good look! The sun also ages the skin, leading to premature wrinkles with too much exposure.