Escorts Outdoors

When you book a London escort, you probably think that you need your home or hotel room available to entertain them in. If you don’t live in the area, this can really bump up the cost, adding on your own travel costs and the hotel fee. However, you don’t necessarily need indoor space to have fun together!

The sunny weather that’s coming our way brings a whole host of opportunities with it, giving you the chance to spend an afternoon outdoors with an escort. There is so much you could do; take a walk along the River Thames, have a picnic in one of the beautiful royal parks or go for a coffee in a pavement cafe. Our girls love the sunshine, so they’d be more than happy to accompany you and make your day even brighter.

In the winter, everyone tends to wrap up to protect themselves against the cold; jeans, jumpers, scarves and coats. But as soon as the sun comes off, girls all over London are stripping off to little cotton summer dresses, sandals and sunglasses. The season really does seem to being the beauties out! The sight of so many lovely ladies often piques gentlemen’s interest, prompting them to call us and find a gorgeous girl of their own to spend some time with. It’s so hard to watch other couples frolicking together if you don’t have anyone for yourself. Instead of moping alone, hire one of our Green Park escorts and be the one to make the other men jealous instead!

In London, you’ll never be short of outdoor activities to enjoy with escort girls. As a centre for tourism, there is so much to see in this great city. Important landmarks that are worth seeing include the Tower of London, Buckingham Palace, the London Eye and the Houses of Parliament, where you’ll find the Big Ben clock tower. People from all over the world recognise these sights – they may have seen them on postcards or on television. Other traditional sights you associate with London are bright red buses and telephone boxes, and merchandise declaring ‘I love London’!

If you are a local resident, you may wish to avoid the tourist attractions and find more subtle, hidden away areas. There are many parks and gardens throughout the city that are perfect to while away an afternoon in. Just remember to check the weather forecast first…