Escorts From Russia, With Love

Many of you will have seen the iconic James Bond film ‘From Russia with Love’, starring Sean Connery. Perhaps this was when you first realised how stunningly beautiful and sexy some of Russia’s native ladies are; whether they have fair skin with blonde hair and blue eyes, or raven hair with green eyes, there is something captivating about these slavic beauties.

One characteristic that is often found in Russian ladies is that they are assertive and straight to the point, rather than shy and retiring wall flowers. This can be a huge turn on; if a woman tells you what she wants and when she wants it, how could you possibly refuse?!

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Perhaps you could enjoy some vodka with your lady – one of the most popular drinks in Russia. She will certainly know some fun ways to stay entertained in the cold winter weather; of late, it has been reminiscent of Russian climates here in Britain! Let your imagination run wild, and think of all the ways you could keep warm together…

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