Frustration: But It’s The End of The Week!

We’ve found ourselves experiencing an extremely stressful week at work, and we’ve found it incredibly difficult in picking an activity or recreational outing that will allow us to out our frustration so we can back in the happy moods we so love being in. For many, all that is needed is the comfort, attention and tension-releasing skills of an escort. However, we find that we need to do something outside the box; and this time a trip to the pub just will not cut it. Instead we need something original, something inspired and something that will force us to really engage in allowing our inner troublemakers to escape. We may not be youths anymore (congrats to everyone with their A-Level results today, word), but we can still party and get down with the trumpets. We understand we may have stolen that last part from a popular duo rap slash singing sensation that are currently taking the music charts by storm, but it totally fits.

Don’t get us wrong, we’re not so desperate that we watch every reality TV show going as it normally prompts a rather angry response: No! I DON’T think you’re county is better than mine, so you’ll do well to sit down and zip it, son. We do apologise for the unprovoked attack today, ladies and gents, but we just need to expel our anger. Knowing our clients as well as we do, we know that they are incredibly open-minded individuals who don’t care about a little strong-wording every now and then. In fact, we think it has the potential to keep us in check. After all, when you get worked up having a little bit of a rant as we seem to be doing now, it just makes it all the better to have a London escort calm us down. If the reviews are to be believed, and we think they are because there have been plenty of them, the companions that line our galleries are absolutely superb at releasing any tension their clients may be harbouring.

Whilst it’s not good for social interaction, apparently shouting at someone when they passed you the salt when you very distinctively requested salt, is not acceptable, you know you really need to take action. When it starts to have physical implications, like lower back pain or knots around the shoulders, you need to drop everything and seek one of our companions that are just waiting to get their hands on you, eager to straighten out any unsightly pains you want banishing from your body. If that sounds good, our massage copmanions are fabulous. So when you’ve a spare moment or two, not on the train, this is your personal life, not the escapades of the rich in south west London after all, get in touch. With so many girls available, you’re sure to find a beautiful babe for your taking.