Fulham escorts at the Football

I’m a huge football fan – I’m a member of the Fulham club and I go to almost every single game. Last year however, I had the best game in my life. It was a sunny afternoon, and a mate of mine had asked me to catch up with him over a football game. The only problem was he was an Arsenal supporter, and I never really liked him that much. He was one of those bankers who earned a lot of money, drove the best cars, and worst of all, was always boasting about it. He would not say how much money he earned, but he would always deliberately mention how much he loved this and that restaurant and that I should take a date there, and the 3 course meal would ONLY cost £800 etc. Then he would tell me how he just bought a new car, but he was considering of upgrading it to the newest one, so if I was interested in buying the old one off him he would give me a big discount…even if he knew clearly that not everybody could afford an Lamborghini, no matter how much discount you could get.

Not only had he made me feel financially inadequate around him, he also tends to mock my physical appearance too. Every now and then he would casually point out how my beer gut was growing and my hair was disappearing. OK, I might be bald and I feel a bit more on the chubby side, but that didn’t mean that I was never desired by a woman. As I always felt overshadowed when I hung out with him, I decided this time I would take a beautiful woman with me to make him jealous.

So I took one of my favourite Fulham escorts to come to the game with me. Tania was not only a beautiful woman, but also very smart. She was very knowledgeable with sports especially football because she had a lot of high profiles clients, some of which were retired footballers. The game wouldn’t have turned out more successfully than I anticipated. Not only that Fulham won the game, my friend was totally smitten with Tania so he became extra friendly and polite with me. I was so glad I had shut him up with my beautiful Fulham escort! It felt great to get one over on him.