Girls Just Wanna Have Fun…

Ladies love to have fun. Letting your hair down and having a good time is something everyone enjoys right? But, the age old question is still being banded about: do blondes have more fun? Apparently they do if the well known saying is to be believed. It has been reported that they are the most confident and amorous women too. Now if this is true, then all the brunette, red heads and black haired women are timid creatures who have no or little sex drive. Surely this is not true. For a start there are plenty of bottle blondes out there who have perhaps only reached their confidence level by bleaching their barnets. Can confidence be bought? Scientists say that a more confident self image can be achieved by going blonde. This confidence is said to make women more positive about their appearance, more likely to date and are apparently more adventurous in the bedroom. The stereotypical blonde Essex girls have got a name from themselves as being the fin and frivolous type. It has been reported that after a change in hair colour, more specifically to a lighter colour, the change in a persons behaviour and psychology were significant.

The study into the characteristics of women with different coloured hair also showed that brunettes were more successful at work than blondes; earning almost £5,000 per annum more. It also stated that brunettes are also more likely to marry millionaires; great for those brown haired beauties who are looking for a minted man. Excellent news for all the red head ladies out there, the study divulged that these are the women who have the best and most enjoyable sex lives. Some women insist on being blonde – or at least dye trying. It seems that the age old question; ‘do blonde’s have more fun?’ is actually true to a certain extent. Men are in agreement at least and when looking for fun, they opt for a blonde every time. But why? Is it because blondes have been stereotyped for so long?

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