Gloomy Mondays

Unless it’s the middle of Summer and the sky is blue, Monday’s in London are pretty gloomy. The weekend passes too quickly and nobody’s happy about going back to work. 7am starts, busy commutes, clouds and drizzle… it seems like nothing could brighten up your day.

However, time seems to pass faster if you have something exciting to look forward to. Just because it’s a Monday, it doesn’t mean that you can’t arrange to meet friends for dinner or drinks after work, or even go to the cinema. There are plenty of things happening in the city on a Monday evening! If you do feel like having a night in but want more than a TV dinner, try booking one of our gorgeous brunette escorts. Your mind will be ticking over all day, and before you know it it’ll be time to call V London Escorts and rush home to prepare yourself for an exciting evening!

Mondays don’t have to be gloomy any more thanks to our stunning V Girls.