Golly Gosh, the Sun is Finally Here!

So, the sun has finally arrived, and it’s safe to say that every Londoner is basking in it. The shorts are replacing the trousers, the skirts are getting a bit shorter and we’re revealing a little more arm. It feels gorgeous to have the sun on your skin, making you feel so happy that summer has finally let its presence be known. For too long now, we’ve been hearing about forecasts of snow (it’s May!) until the meteorologists from the news and what have you, let it be known that this week we’re going to be able to don our sunnies, slip on the flip flops and allow ourselves to be spoilt by the sun. Whilst we feel that the season gods may have potentially been penalising us, we certainly won’t be saying anything else in case they take it away from us completely. Instead we will just thank and rejoice in the warmth!

There are always some that take it one step too far, and whilst we can always appreciate a long-legged female showing off her pins, the men that walk around in shorts and no tops need to stop. This is only acceptable if you’re within half a mile of a beach. And the banks of the River Thames certainly do not count. We can already hear the beer gardens calling our names, conversing with friends over a cool cider, sitting one leg under the table and another the other side; why do they insist on making pub benches only useable by three and a half people? The smell of suntan lotion is enough to have us craving a holiday in the sun, where we optimistically take four books with us, but surprise ourselves by getting through most of them. That’s because there’s nothing better than lazing around on a beach, basking in the sunshine until we look like a lobster. That’s just how we do it.

However, in these troubling times, the beautiful scenery of a beach may have to wait. The recession has been kind to few, and so we must cut back where we can. Even so, it is still important to have a good time. That’s why you don’t necessarily have to leave the country to enjoy one’s self. In fact, given the areas that we cover, you don’t even have to leave London! The variety of companions we have working with us promise an entertaining time to each one of our clients, no matter how particular their choices can be. The brunette escorts, for example, are just simply devine.