Happy Valentine’s Day

Whilst we like to think that every day at V London is V Day (that’s a pun, that we just love), today is especially prominent in the world of holidays. For today, is Valentine’s Day! The celebration of love, chocolates and flowers. Or if you’re a man, hastily buying chocolates and flowers. It seems this holiday is one of the most controversial of them all, for it can part a normally respective crowd. Those that find themselves ticking the ‘in a relationship’ box, are often launched feet first into this particular day. Reservations made at a restaurant that you may not usually frequent perhaps because the menu prices have previously kept you at bay, for example The Pembroke in Earls Court, are the first orders of the day. Especially when this day falls on a weekday, it can be hard to spend time with loved ones as the call of work the next day prevents an evening laced with champers and tipples galore. But civilised drinks always hits the spot. And it doesn’t necessarily have to be with a partner – in fact, we recommend spending this day with an Earls Court escort.

The good things about being single on Valentine’s day is that you have the option to not be alone. Whilst many spend it with their other halves, many do so begrudgingly. They are expected to do something and many are looked upon negatively if they don’t, causing a few to view this day as a chore. For those without partners, they are free of social convention and can have fun with whomever they desire, and why not do with with one of the London escorts? We appreciate that because of the love that surrounds the day there is mounting pressure to not be alone and we applaud anyone who stares this day in the face. But in all honesty, it can be nice to have some company. That’s where we come in. If you’re looking for love, but aren’t ready to settle down and just want to have a good time, we have the perfect Valentine escorts for you at V.

Be it blonde, brunette or red-haired, there are so many companions to choose from we suggest taking a perusal through the plethora of galleries we have here at V and pick your girl for the evening. Literature is rife with stories of unrequited love, but at V, we like to think of it more positively. Although Romeo and Juliet stands as the greatest love story of all time, we are slightly more realistic. If you have not yet been struck by Cupid’s arrow, we say enjoy life whilst you still make all the choices. No compromise, no defending the choices you make and no-one to answer to. Those still single should relish the joy. If you find yourself this way inclined this Valentine’s Day, why not pair up with one of our Valentines escorts who are also single this day. An evening with these ladies enjoying a tipple or two is definitely recommended. However you are spending today, single or coupled up, enjoy it.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Lots of Love V London Escort Agency.