Healthy Living or Boring Choices?

Now, it’s not that we’re supremely unhealthy, takeaways are kept to a minimum and fast food is practically non-existent, but we’re not as good as we’re supposed to be. Don’t get us wrong, we completely understand what needs to be done to ensure we utilise our bodies to their very best. But it just seems easier to sit down and watch television or go out for drinks with friends rather than sitting on a bike or heading to the gym. We’re not going as far as the athletes of the summer games, namely because that is their job and we barely find time for a quick jog in the park after our twelve-hour days, let alone six training sessions a week with a ridiculously strict diet. But we do think that we should probably change a few little things, all of which contribute to making us healthier people. This gives us more energy and gusto to do things, giving a very similar effect as the girls here, do, to their clients. Making them feel good about themselves, and like they can take on the world. This is what we need to have more of in our lives.

It is said that you can have everything in moderation, but we find this concept incredibly difficult to accept. Moderation, it seems, is like beauty; it’s all subjective. Whilst one client may absolutely adore the black escorts, yet others wouldn’t dream of spending time with any escort other than a blonde beauty. It’s simply because these are our preferences, and what we deem to be beautiful. So when we talk about things in moderation, does it mean that you only have a slice of chocolate cake, or a cube of chocolate? It all completely depends on the person. And when we like to eat the whole cake, the lines can become blurred.

Before it may have seemed like a cliche, and quite possibly something rather cheesy. But exercise does release happy endorphins that make us feel good about ourselves. Is it because we’ve done something active and think we can totally treat ourselves, only to be met with dissatisfaction and disappointment when we realise that we don’t look like Arnold Schwarzenegger after the first session. This is going to happen, so it’s imperative we just push past it. Perseverance is key to getting into shape. And to make it slightly more enjoyable and seemingly less of a task, it’s better to adopt an alternative lifestyle, rather than a two week crash diet. By implementing it into your life’s routine, it not only allows you to get the body and health that you want, but it ensures you stick to it. Eating lettuce and running ten miles a day for two weeks will sure help you lose those extra pounds. But after the fortnight from hell is over, you will undoubtedly reach for that bowl of carbs and once again lose sight of your feet, and you’ll be forced to do it all over again.