How to Get the Best Escort Experience

Thousands of men meet escorts every night across the world, because they know that it will inevitably be a fun and exciting experience. Whenever and wherever you choose to do it, you won’t be disappointed – but there are certain things you can do to make your time together even more perfect.

First of all, have somewhere nice prepared to meet your sexy escort. Whether it’s your home or hotel, it’s good to check that you have enough refreshments, the temperature’s good and that you won’t be disturbed. Make sure that you know your postcode so that your escort can find her way to you easily.

Give an hour’s notice when you book. Your escort will need time to travel across London, so leaving enough time means that you won’t be kept waiting. Before she arrives, take a shower so you’re feeling fresh and ready for what lies ahead.

When she arrives, settle the payment to get it out the way and offer your escort a drink. It’s a good way to relax and get comfortable in each other’s company; you’ll soon feel completely at ease and lucky that you have such a gorgeous girl in the room!

It’s up to you whether you have an exact plan in mind or whether you play it by ear, but either way you’re sure to have a mind blowing time!