How Slim Escorts Stay Trim

Keeping weight off can be a difficult task. We’re surrounded by temptation on a daily basis; the smell from the bakery wafts past you, a cold beer is beckoning and there’s an arm chair calling your name that looks much more appealing than the gym! It’s especially hard when you work long hours; you just want to grab some fast food and relax for an hour before bed.

Looking at the stunning, toned figures of our slim escorts, you might wonder how on earth they do it. These girls work long hours, sometimes all through the night. They are constantly taken to dinner at restaurants, with a whole menu of temptation under their noses! They’re given gifts of chocolate and champagne, and look most at home lounging on a chaise longues. However, they remain svelte, making them the envy of girls across London!

Some of our escorts have a strict diet routine which prevents them from any unwanted weight gain, others work hard at the gym to burn off the calories. To be honest, the average Joe just doesn’t have that kind of discipline; do the rest of us even have a hope?! The good news is, you don’t need to stick to salads and treadmills to stay slim. You can maintain a good figure simply by making some small changes to your daily routine.

Every day, we’re faced by choices that could make a small difference to our fitness; do we take the stairs or the escalator? Should we run for that bus or just wait for the next one? Is there time for a stroll to the newsagents or will you send your PA instead? Little decisions like this all add up, and if we always took the stairs, you could be burning off more fat every day. It’s much easier than forcing yourself to go to the gym and doesn’t make a huge difference to your day – but could make a difference to your waistline!

It’s a good idea to surround yourself with healthy snacks. A lot of the junk food we eat is down to convenience or boredom; you didn’t specifically fancy a biscuit, but they were there so you ate them. Sound familiar? Instead of filling your cupboards with things you know you’ll regret eating, buy snacks such as grapes or blueberries, and wholegrain cracker products instead of crisps. The next time you’re not overly hungry but you fancy picking at something, make it something your body will love you for.