Independence Day, Just a Bit Later

So we completely understand that America’s Independence Day was yesterday, and that we’re a bit late on posting about it, but as they are a fair few hours behind us, it seemed important to let the day run its course before we commented on it. Who knows what antics those crazy kids got up to! Commonly known as America’s birthday, and an excuse for the country to dress up in anything red, white and blue with stripes emblazoned across, we can only imagine they sit around, drinking beer and setting off fireworks. They get overly patriotic, spout about how much they love the country and sing the national anthem more times than Al Pacino says the ‘F’ word in Scarface. Whilst we don’t have a day like that, we celebrate being British everyday by trying to contribute to the economy, putting money back into the businesses, just like our clients do every time they indulge in some time with a companion from the plethora of galleries we have.

Of course, we can certainly be patriotic about other things when it comes down to it. And we know you’re probably sick of us talking about it, but the Wimbledon semi-final is tomorrow and one of our own is in it, and we couldn’t be prouder! Coming up against stiff competition throughout the entire tournament, we are so happy for Andy Murray and his entourage. Crashing out in the football was never going to be easy for us to take, but we won’t cry a river and pretend that we weren’t incredibly surprised at that. Whilst it seems we wholeheartedly support the team, we can never say we were that shocked at their departure. Murray, on the other hand, is our excuse this summer to really get behind a sporting great. The fourth best tennis player in the world, this Scottish lad has worked his way up the ranks and will proudly fly the flag tomorrow, hoping to make his first Wimbledon final.

There’s something oh, so patriotic about the women in the London escorts, and it’s not just that some of were the most incredible company on the Queen’s Jubilee. Yes, we may have been having a street party, but that doesn’t mean we have to engage in awkward small talk with the next door neighbour. We like to think we have more choice than that. And thanks to the spectularly full galleries of fabulous fancies, you may have had to RSVP to at least ten street parties so you could try them all out. Well, with plenty of new girls being added all the time, it seems you will never be left disappointed.