London Escorts and Burlesque

Over the past few years, burlesque has taken London by storm. It has been around for decades, but only recently came back into fashion, stealing the cabaret crown. Since it first became popular in the UK around the 14th century, the generally accepted meaning of the word ‘Burlesque’ has changed somewhat. It was once theatrical entertainment that contained humour and parody; today, feathers, sequins and naked ladies spring to mind!

The new film ‘Burlesque’ will hit cinemas nationwide on Friday 17th December, which is likely to win the art hoards of new fans. It stars Christina Aguilera as a small town girl who goes to Los Angeles in search of stardom, and finds it in a neo-burlesque bar run by an ex-dancer played by none other than Cher, the world famous singer and actress. Christina performed one of the numbers from her new blockbuster on the X Factor finals last weekend, on ITV. Almost 20 million people tuned in to watch the show, which featured a very racy routine from Miss Aguilera; she and her dancers writhed around the stage in underwear and suspenders, moving provocatively and suggestively. This performance was shown before the watershed, and caused around 1000 people to complain to Ofcom; it was thought by some to be unsuitable viewing for children. However, us adults found it very suitable indeed, and rather arousing!

Our cheap escorts love watching burlesque shows to give them inspiration for outfits and erotic dance moves. The women who star in these performances are confident, sexy and fun – just like our escort girls. In fact, some clients have been to watch these types of shows at respectable clubs like Cafe de Paris and Proud Cabaret; they are viewed as saucy entertainment, and not labelled as ‘sleazy’ (like most strip clubs are). Burlesque is considered an art form, and there is no stigma attached to it, despite the dancers playing up to their sexuality and stripping off. It’s proof that sexual displays can be classy.

If you’d like to go and see a burlesque show or the new film with one of our London escorts, call us now to arrange your appointment. Your chosen lady will be brought straight to you by her private chauffeur, and can spend anything from one hour up to a whole evening with you. With or without feather and sequins, you’re bound to have a titillating time!