Make Some New Rules This New Year’s Eve

Again, we find a New Year’s Eve thrust upon us. Some may be perfecting party plans, others frantically deciding what aspects of their seemingly fine life they wish to make alterations to, because at this time of year you are expected to stop doing something that probably doesn’t do much harm to begin with. Instead of making resolutions, statements that you know you will never stick to, it’s probably best you see the new year in with an alternative method. Whilst we all wish we could shift that half stone that appears to have crept on over the unfriendly festive period where you can’t move for chocolate, and you find a pie of some sort at every turn, it’s not really the be all and end all. Also, stating that you will give up smoking is just a waste of breath. Let’s be honest, you’re destined to fail. Not only have you given up scoffing your face full of all the wonders you find down the pastry aisle of one of the supermarket giants, but to give up smoking as well? You don’t deserve to be that cruel to yourself. As is the familiar feeling among the London escorts we suggest making a list of things you want to achieve in 2012. Whilst we do not necessarily believe the world will end, we believe in living like it’s your last, so why not welcome in the 2012 with a New Year escort. So why not try something new, or make a note to do something you love with more regularity.

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On your New Year’s Eve To Do List, we expect to find spending time with an escort from London, though you doesn’t necessarily have to spend New Year’s eve with a beautiful gal from New Year escorts. But what a perfect way to end the year. It’s exciting, it’s thrilling, it’s a rush and it’s what you want to do. So go for it.

Happy New Year!

Lots of love from V. And we hope to see you next year.