Naughty Vs Nice

All men have a slightly different idea of what their perfect woman would be like. Although there are thousands of aspects to take into account (concerning her appearance, personality and style), there are two major groups that girls tend to fall into: naughty and nice. Most men love one or the other, but many adore both!

Nice girls are the kind you could take home to meet your parents. She looks like butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth; that innocent girl next door. Before hot Hollywood screen sirens burst onto our cinema screens paving the way for sexually confident women, most girls aspired to be the ‘nice’ type – it’s what men expected of them all those years ago. They were polite, obedient and as sweet as sugar; not a hair was out of place, and they always looked and behaved immaculately. Girls like this still exist today; of course, most have many more aspirations than to find a husband, but they still have traditional values and are very ladylike. For some gentlemen, a nice girl is all they dream about. They want a girl who is completely feminine, who you’d never catch swearing or downing pints.

On the other hand, you have naughty girls. These women are the ones who are completely confident with their bodies and their sexuality; perhaps they’re a bit rebellious and like to break the rules or push the boundaries. They’re very playful and adventurous, always up for a challenge. You might find that you’ve met your match in a naughty girl – it would be exciting to find out if you can keep up with her! If you want a modern lady who’s not afraid to dominate you, dress up or speak her mind, you’re looking for a naughty girl.

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