Never Underestimate The Publication

When so many of London’s publications, Evening Standard and Time Out, for example, decided to make the leap from paying to free, it was simply marvellous. Not only would it secure the advertising revenues to keep them in business, and thus many in their jobs, because of the massive circulation to be expected, it meant that we would be spoilt with the amount of reading literature available. And today, our magazine of choice is Time Out. Which is definitely well on its way to being the best publication, in our eyes. Not only is it informative, diverse and rather funny at times, it’s also very interesting. We actually want to read it, rather than simply using it as a prop to avoid eye contact with the weird gentlemen sitting opposite on the tube. We’d never judge, but when a middle-aged man in a bowler hat is holding dead eye contact with you, there’s not really anywhere to look. So rather than just indulging in some light reading to avoid the awkward turtle, we are loving this mag, right now. Ooh, if this blogging gig doesn’t work out we might put ourselves forward to join the PR team at Time Out. We won’t hear a bad word said about it!

One for the Arts

With plenty of interviews and the usual things you find in a national magazine, it’s the last few pages that get our eyes. Chronicling the best theatres, galleries, pubs etc. in the city, it’s ideal having this regional magazine within easy reach if you ever find yourself bored on a Saturday afternoon. Not only narrowing it down by area, as we do with so many of our London escorts, you can find out what’s the best thing going on near you. And if you’re not one for the arts, perhaps spending an evening in an auditorium with fellow theatre-goers, or trawling around the hippest galleries in the east end is your idea of hell, there will even be something for you. But if these two activities strike you as the perfect to-dos, then you will absolutely love the mag.

Reading on the Underground

No matter how advanced our computers get, how small our iPads get or how fast our Blackberrys are, they’re all pretty much useless when you’re travelling on the underground. So when you find yourself on the District, still with several more stops to go, you whip out TO from your Mulberry briefcase, and have a perusal. You can plan your weekend, decide what you want to do at what time and with what friends, and by the time you’re up the escalators and tapped out with your Oyster card, you can let your friends now the plans. Jobs a goodun!