New In London

New people arrive in London every day. Some are relocating here from other parts of the UK, some come here to study at the numerous Universities and colleges in the city, and some are just visiting for business or leisure purposes. Whatever the reason, visiting a new city the size of London can be very daunting. You don’t know your way around and could easily get lost, you might not know anyone and things that you’re unfamiliar with such as the London Underground System can be difficult to understand at first.

Unfortunately, most people don’t have a tour guide on hand to show them the sights; strangers in the city can be unhelpful at times, always in a rush somewhere and too busy to stop for a chat. If you want to make the most of London, try these things to get you started.

First, purchase an A – Z. This contains maps of the whole city, allowing you to search your area by street name, station or district. It will help you get your bearings, so wherever you venture to, you’ll be able to find your way home! It’s a good idea to familiarise yourself with your nearest bus and tube stations – you’ll probably end up using these a lot. If you can afford a cab, this is the easiest way to get around. However, weather permitting, it’s great to navigate on foot; this means that you won’t miss any of London’s iconic sights. Even some of the side streets have a charm that’s worth seeing – if you’re stuck underground, you’ll miss it all. Set some time aside so you’re not in a hurry and take a leisurely walk around to get used to the city.

Try to visit the famous landmarks while you’re here, such as Buckingham Palace, the London Eye and the Tower of London. Each is impressive and majestic, and will give you an insight into the traditions of the capital of England. Even those who have lived in London their whole lives miss out on this – you wouldn’t believe how many locals have never been sight seeing on their doorstep! If you get this out of the way first, you’ll have time afterwards to get used to the every day things if you’re staying.

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