The Perfect Weekend Treat

If you live in North London, there are plenty of ways to give yourself at the weekend. After all, you’ve worked hard all week long – you deserve it!

Camden is very popular at the weekends. One of the main attractions is the market, which sells a wide range of clothes, arts and crafts. You can pick up some real bargains here, and even if you’re not buying it’s great to wander around taking in the sights. Along the main streets you’ll find a lot of alternative stores selling goth and fetish clothing, tattoo and piercing parlours and punk and emo fashion. Everyone here wants to be individual, so they push the boundaries creating their own personal style. Our Camden escorts like to dabble in alternative fashion, so gorgeous that they can pull off any style.

For a more tranquil day, head over to Primrose Hill; home to several celebrities, you’ll immediately see why it appeals to the rich and famous. There is a beautiful green just off Regents Park, perfect for picnics and sunbathing. If you’re by yourself you could take a book to kick back and relax, or you could venture there with a group of friends.

Wherever you are in London, there will never be a shortage of cafes and restaurants. Perhaps you could treat yourself to a slap up meal of your choice, hunting down your favourite cuisine to devour. Why not double the pleasure and take out an escort in North London to accompany you? With delicious food, fine wine and a gorgeous girl, you might just go into pleasure overload! There’s no better weekend treat that we can think of.

The end of your meal doesn’t necessarily have to mean the end of the night. Make the fun last as long as possible, and it’ll turn into one of those nights that you never want to end. You could go to a bar for some cocktails, to a club for some dancing or back to your room to relax and get to know each other better. These are the most obvious choices, but you could even vary for the norm; wander the busy London streets until something catches your eye and piques your interest, such as an ice cream or pretzel stall. Have a cartoon drawn of you, or get a henna tattoo. Sometimes being spontaneous is the most fun of all!