Perfection Can Be Ugly

All too often we pass by people on the street and are immediately jealous of what they look like, what they’re wearing and the attention they’re receiving from their attractive companions. Grass is greener on the other side and all that jazz. But we’re actually coming round to an alternative way of thinking. It seems that to be happy with yourself and what you have is a lot easier and satisfying than striving for the unattainable state of perfection. This is broadening our outlook, not just about ourselves, but everything around us. On a garment, for example, the tiniest stain can render something unusable. However, this doesn’t mean that it is deemed unwearable to everyone or now a useless garment, for everyone else.

It seems that in this day and age, when we are inundated with images of perfection, that unless you are polished to within an inch of your life, you are destined to live out a lonely existence. If this truth came up to us, we’d gladly give it a huge slap around the face, tell it to grow up and get a grip. Not wanting to sound hypocritical, if you’ve read how often we go on about the perfect London escorts we have, you’d understand why, but we think there is something to point out here that many can take comfort in. Not every escort, to everyone, is perfect. A client who prefers blondes is going to think that our brunette escorts are less than acceptable (though we believe their hotness can probably impress anyone when it comes down to it). But we never turn away gentlemen callers because of how they look. To us, this just isn’t nice. We appreciate everyone in their own unique way, and we project this thought through the incredible ladies we have available to you.

It’s worth noting just how varied and independent the companions at V are. We have a massive selection of girls, be it busty, brunette or mature; there is always a lady for everyone at V London. We wouldn’t be the most popular agency if there wasn’t. But we’re just trying to reinforce to our clientele that the little things that may stop you reaching out to potential partners in your life, anything you may be self-conscious of, we think nothing of it. The search for perfection can often be a life-consuming one. So spend time with those that won’t judge or extend feelings of condescension. You can be yourself, you can relish in your own unique guises and be proud of that.