The Perks of Being an Escort

An extremely high number of women have fantasised about becoming an escort at some point in their lives. Some are bored housewives looking for a bit of excitement. Some are students, fantasising about all the money they could make. Some just adore the company of men, and see this as a great way of meeting new people. There’s no one particular ‘type’ of woman who is drawn to this industry; it attracts people from all walks of life.

In the last few years, high class escorting has received a lot more media coverage, discussed in magazines, television programmes, films, newspapers and on the radio. It’s no longer a taboo practice carried out in secret; many men openly admit to spending time with escorts, however the majority prefer to remain discreet. Either way, it is now general knowledge that in cities like London, it is very common for women to work as escorts, and to thoroughly enjoy it. Although the lifestyle does not suit everyone, there are plenty of perks that come along with this line of work.

Being an escort means that you can work flexible hours, and keep an active social life. Some girls only work at weekends, others choose daytime or evening appointments only. You can plan your shifts in advance, and arrange for another girl to take your place when you have an engagement. None of this is possible when you work in an office, or somewhere that has typical 9 to 5 hours.

As we mentioned before, some girls love meeting new people – they’re known as ‘social butterflies’. Our cheap escorts like to be with men, enjoy receiving compliments and don’t mind using their feminine wiles to please others. When you’re an escort, you get to go out all the time; think restaurants, parties, conferences, premieres… wherever a man needs a social companion, you could have an invite. And of course, your time will be paid for! This also gives women a chance to dress up and pamper themselves, which can also be great fun.

Becoming an escort is not for the shy and retiring. To be successful, you need to be very friendly and polite, open minded, discreet and professional, flirtatious and seductive. You need to be every man’s fantasy, and take pride in your work. We never said it was easy – if it was, everyone would be doing it! If you think you’ve got what it takes, email some information about yourself and recent photos to