Real Escort Experiences

If you’re a gentleman who has used the services of escort girls, you’ll be able to recall exactly how it made you feel. The moment you first saw her, how you gradually became more at ease in her company, how beautiful she looked and how you felt when it was time for her to leave. But do you ever wonder what she feels like during your time together? Do you wish you knew what was going through her head? Unless you’re brave enough to ask her at the time, you might spend your whole life meeting up with UK call girls and never knowing what they’re thinking.

To give you a bit of an insight into their hopes, dreams and fantasies, we’ve compiled a list of stories based on the experiences of some escorts in London. Some are fictional – purely based on their deepest desires and lust; others are recollections of true experiences they’ve had. By reading through these escort stories, you’ll begin to gain a better understanding of the girls you choose to spend time with.

For some London escorts, it’s all about getting a thrill. They love to meet new people, establish a relationship and leave at the end of the night, never knowing whether or not you’re going to meet again. It’s a romantic love story of strangers meeting in the night, hoping that they will be reunited one day… as the client, it is usually your choice as to whether or not you book that particular girl again to continue the fantasy. At the end of the day, an escort girl always has the choice to accept or reject a booking, but if you’ve behaved like a gentleman throughout your time together, she will undoubtedly be eager to see you again.

There are two different sections on our website for escort stories; London stories and erotic stories. Choose accordingly which one you think would appeal to you most. If you like things a bit sexier, opt for the naughtiest fantasies of London escort girls by selecting the erotic escort stories. They will certainly get your pulse racing!

If you’re not interested about the general interests and fantasies of UK escorts and simply want to know about one girl specifically, the only thing you can do is spend more time getting to know her. The longer you have, the more she will open up to you and let you know about herself.