Relax and Unwind with Great Company

It’s Friday. The weekend is almost in your grasp and you can feel the relief as you come to the end of your first week back after the Christmas and New Year holidays. It’s been a strange week and you are in need of relaxation. Even though it is the weekend, you are not looking forward to a night out on the town, drinking and dancing, but a night in instead. As rare as it might be for a single, straight man to want to head home and relax in the comfort of his own surroundings, it sounds like the perfect remedy. Dressing to impress, dousing yourself in aftershave and trying to chat up the ladies of London may seem like a perfectly normal night out but if all you want to do is put your feet up, then what’s stopping you?

Working through the day, your mind wanders. As much as you try to concentrate on the job at hand, all you can think about is the delicious steak you have in the fridge and the rich, full bodied red that will go perfectly with it. Your mouth salivates at the thought of eating the thick, juicy, meaty meal that awaits you. As time ticks on, and late afternoon approaches, the glow of the lunchtime fuel makes everyone a little lethargic and nonchalant. You can hear colleagues casually discussing their evening and weekend plans. Some discuss evening plans of a friends birthday do or dinner with the girlfriend and it makes you feel a little bit lonely. Your previous enthusiasm for an evening alone watching the latest action movie suddenly seems a bit, well, lonely. You want nothing more than to enjoy all of the above, but only with someone for company. More specifically female company. You think of calling a guy friend of yours, however the idea of snuggling up with Dave slightly unnerves you. But don’t despair. There is a solution.

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