Riding the Underground

When it comes to riding the underground, undoubtedly one of the most handy modes of transport ever invented, there is something to be said about personal space. We’ve written before about how people tend to squish in, with an incredible desire to make it to work on time rather than caring about whether or not you end up with your face squished towards someone’s armpit. Either way, Londoners have this need and desire to squish into places they really shouldn’t be. Which brings us to the point of the day. When it comes to riding the tube, it seems that the same troubles befall cinema-goers in terms of armrests. You get one! That is all! You can’t have elbows out, grabbing both sides. There will be some unlucky fellow at the end of the row doesn’t get any, but when you’re sat there, reading your newspaper, and you’re hogging both armrests, this is just unacceptable. Whilst it may seem childish to be playing games on your iPod instead of catching up on the days current events, this is your choice. But when you can’t actually see your screen because the commuter next to you has opened up the paper and is stretching out like they’re on their own sofa, you are well within your rights to bat said reading material, away.

There is nothing more frustrating about having to ask someone, who has decided that you’re inferior to them, to move a body part because it’s blocking your way. It’s both inconsiderate on their part and reflects badly on you because it has shown you to not be able to take control in certain situations. This is never the way with any of the brunette, blonde or busty escorts you deem appropriate to spend time with, from our plethora of galleries. When it comes to selecting which girl it is that you wish to be in the company of for at least an hour, at these prices you could easily stretch to three or four, you feel happy. You feel overjoyed. And all it takes is an annoying person to grab both armrests. What is going on with the world. We thought global warming signalled the end of humanity, but we believe it to be this selfish and undeniable act.

When you think you’ve found the ideal mate for you, ring us as soon as you can. If you leave it and find that she is no longer available, it’s just another unnecessary pile of misery to add to your already ruined day by the Armchair Hog ™. So, savour what you can and see if you can’t turn this rubbish day around.