Romancing London Escorts

If Valentine’s Day proves anything, it’s that romance and chivalry is not dead. Women sometimes complain that there are no real gentlemen left in the world, but we beg to differ! There are still plenty of us who love to spoil our ladies and reap the rewards.

The basics of chivalry are simply having good manners. Although some traditional manners set by Knights are becoming less common than they used to be, most women still appreciate having the door held open for them. Use your initiative; offer her your coat if it’s chilly, pick up the bill if you’ve asked her out to dinner. Offer a lady your seat on public transport, and pay her a compliment when she’s least expecting it.

You only need to ask our London escorts to find out how much they love being romanced; a red rose, a glass of champagne, a love note… it makes them go weak at the knees. Many modern women try to give the impression that they are not fussed about romance to prove their independence, but if you behave like a gentleman, they’ll find you hard to resist!

If you’re looking for a lady to spoil, hire one of our stunning London escorts for the evening – their gratitude won’t go unnoticed!