Signs that She’s a Psycho

Unfortunately, not all of the women in the world are as lovely as our cheap London escorts. Some are just as beautiful, some are just as friendly; however, there are hidden personality traits that can start to show once you’re in a relationship. A small percentage of women are complete psychos, and even though they might be amazingly enthusiastic in bed, if they start showing these signs it’s time to give them the heave ho.

When you’re in a new relationship, it takes some time before you’re ready to introduce her to your parents and your friends. You still need time to yourself while you’re adjusting to being a boyfriend, so it’s important for her to give you your space and wait until you’re ready to take things to the next level. If she starts showing up all the time, inviting herself out with your friends and introducing herself without asking you, there’s a problem. She’s worming her way into every area of your life without your permission, cementing her position as your girlfriend. If she starts to contact your family behind your back, it’s time to do a runner!

Even if you’ve been together for a while, she needs to respect your privacy. Girlfriends who go through your phone, your emails and your draws probably don’t trust you, and have no qualms about hiding their behaviour from you. The only way to detect this is to catch them red handed or if they change anything – if they’ve figured out your password, they could delete emails before you’ve read them. You need to confront them and let them know that this is not ok; if they have a problem with that and don’t trust you, they’re not worth the effort.

If a girl sees a future with you, she might try to move things faster than you want to go. First she’ll leave her toothbrush at your place, then a few pieces of underwear. This is quite normal – it’s only when she starts rearranging everything to make it more girly and gets her own key cut without asking that you need to worry. This girl intends to make her mark, and make herself impossible to get rid of.

The behaviour you really need to watch out for is if she becomes a danger to you or herself. If she becomes physically violent, you can’t retaliate; you just need to get out of there. She might try to trap you in a relationship by threatening to hurt herself if you leave, but this is unhealthy. You need to encourage her to get help from a professional, and get yourself out of there.