So the Weather’s Rather Crap

Normally, come summer, there are a couple of big blockbusters to get us through the summer, with the majority of posh and potential Oscar nominees debuting around Christmas time. It might be something to do with more people go to the cinema in the winter than in the summer because they figure you would rather be sitting outside in the lovely weather. Now, we’re certainly not pretending to know more about the movie business than Fox or Cinemax, we would be put out if they start preaching to us about London escorts, that is after all our line of business, but have any of their executives taken a look outside of late? The tennis championship that takes place this year has been stopped and started more times than a 1996 Volkswagen Golf GTI, thanks to the constant showers from ol’ Mother N, up there. But we at least have a couple of films that are predicted to be massive this summer, perhaps one slightly more than the other. Though there is a theme running through them; impossible feats by men! We jest, we’re actually massive superhero fans.

So the Dark Knight and Spider Man go head to head this summer in the battle of the superheroes for screen time. The third, and final installment, of the Batman franchise comes to an exciting head this summer, and we’re not sure what to make of it. Either way, we’re incredibly excited about it. Spider Man, on the other hand, is the brand new Spider Man. Forget Tobey Maguire and his oddly adolescent school girl voice, there’s a new arachnid in town. We’re sorry, we had to pretend to know what we’re talking about. And we’re confident we do! We’re not sure if any of the actors will be Oscar-worthy this year (Heath Ledger bagged the 2009 Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor, posthumously), but we’ve heard incredible things about it. Not to mention the teaser trailers have us searching YouTube every ten minutes to find out if there are any more hints as to the storyline behind this massive endeavor. We fear we may appear to be biased in the direction of the Man from Bat, but we just haven’t been tantalised and teased in the way Mr Knight has. Much like any of the companions here are fully aware of, as soon as you look to not try as hard, you can’t expect to be in demand. It’s a good thing that all of our ladies are skilled in both the art of seduction as well as professionalism.