Somethings in Life Are Just Worth it

Friends aren’t lost, they just lay undiscovered for some time. You can’t simply write off a pal that you’ve not spoken to in some years just because. If you were friends, it has to be for some reason or another. There has to be something there that made you pick this one particular confidante over the other person in the office. If they’ve moved on to another job, perhaps found a partner, thus dramatically reducing the social time available to hang. Whatever the reason, it seems there is enough heartache and dramatic problems in the world for us to always need pals. If you’re a regular, here at V London, and have a particular girl that you absolutely love spending time with who is so popular you can often find yourself having to wait to be in her company, you’re not going to shut the door in her face when she arrives. Just because you’ve had to wait a little longer? Exactly. We should always try to make time for these people in our lives, unless they’ve done something truly horrific that we are struggling to forgive.

Immaculately Made Up

When it comes to buddies, mates, sidekicks etc., we have the option to choose. And we think everyone needs these people in their lives. This is simply not debatable. There are certain things in life that are just worth the effort. For example, getting up fifteen minutes earlier so you can make the early train, and settle into your desk at work, rather than flapping about like a headless chicken. Fortunately for our clients, the busty escorts will never arrive looking anything less than immaculate. When it comes to it, you need to know that you will be looked after, and if someone arrives, supposedly to help you relax as much as possible, has the opposite effect if they aren’t exactly unstressed, themselves. The projection of confidence, skills and beauty that our women bring with them to each appointment is noticeable the second they walk through the door. So don’t let this be wasted.

Variety is Imperative

We disagree with the analogy that you can tell a lot about someone by who their friends are. Perhaps by their very closest friends, but it’s important to have variety in your life. And if you want are friends with a reformed addict who has turned his life around and is now mentoring younger people, whilst you have never tried drugs nor had an inclination to teach, why shouldn’t you? Whilst it is becoming less severe, as the modern era begins to accept people for their individuality rather than punishing them, we still face some levels of criticism on a daily basis. We need to learn how to eradicate this from our lives rather than the best friend we had when we were nine.