A Sweet Treat

Do you have a sweet tooth? Sometimes a sneaky bar of chocolate or a slice of cake can really perk you up. It can help you get though a boring afternoon at work, as an ideal accompaniment to your cup of tea or coffee. It can round off your three course meal perfectly, or pass the time on a long journey. Even as a fully grown adult, can you resist the pick ‘n’ mix at the cinema? We know that we can’t! In fact, there’s rarely a bad time for something sweet.

They might not be made of sugar, but our young escorts are the sweetest girls you’ll ever meet. Some are new graduates, others have moved to London to explore a new city. They’re fresh and exciting; more invigorating than any chocolate bar! The only difference is that you need a bit more time than a tea break to enjoy this type of treat. We have an hour minimum on all of our escort bookings, allowing you to make the most of your time together.

Meeting with one of these escort girls is like a breath of fresh air. They have a real lust for life, and you can’t help but get excited with them. You’ll remember how fun and pleasurable life can be, letting all of the general stresses of life melt away. During your time with one of our low cost escorts, you can forget about work, forget about bills, and let go of any worries playing on your mind. Sometimes we need to take a time out from life, just to keep ourselves sane! Of course, everything will resume sooner or later, but give yourself a break. Let yourself really enjoy this time; it’s your treat.

Let your fantasies run wild combining two of your favourite things; sweet girls and sweet tastes. Imagine licking chocolate sauce off her smooth body, or spraying whipped cream across her breasts. Who’s to tell you what you can and can’t dream about?!

You could start by taking one of our lovely ladies out to dinner, and sharing a desert after your meal. Perhaps a rich chocolate gateau, or some luxury ice cream. That will satisfy your sweet tooth, and she will satisfy your every other need.

Please note, all of our young escorts are 18 years old or above. We do not offer companionship with any ladies below this age.