Thank V It’s Friday!

Is it just us, or has this week been one of the longest in history? Sometimes it feels that way! We’ve been slightly less frozen with the temperatures peeking over zero, but with grey skies and chilly winds it’s not quite enough to lift our spirits. There is one thing that a lot of you will be looking forward to now though, and that’s the office Christmas party! Tonight seems to be a very popular night for them, planned just before we all get snowed under with family engagements.

If you have a party with colleagues tonight, let them see that you’re more than just ‘Derek from accounts’ or ‘Mike the manager’. This is your chance to let your personality shine through – you could be the life and soul of the party! Just make sure you don’t overdo it with the mulled wine; your boss will probably be present, and you don’t want to be called into their office on Monday to discuss your public striptease to ‘You Can Keep Your Hat on’ on their desk, nor your inebriated attempt to stick your tongue down their throat! There are plenty of fun things to do that won’t get you fired; have a chat, a dance, a flirt with that fit receptionist. If you’re worried about your drunken lecherous ways, you could book one of our London escorts to accompany and keep you in check; if she’s by your side, you won’t have eyes for anyone else!

Those of you who don’t have office parties tonight may still be pulled into the festive cheer. Most of the pubs and bars around London are now decorated with tinsel, holly and baubles, so there’s no escaping Christmas! Not good news for Scrooge…

It’s perfectly understandable if you don’t feel like going out tonight; it’s the end of the working week, and sometimes all you want to do is stay home and have an early night. That doesn’t have to be dull though; if you book a cute escort girl to come over and keep you company, things could get very interesting! She knows the ultimate way to make you relax – how about a sensual erotic massage? Perhaps you could get some oils, candles and incense to create your own private paradise. By the time she’s finished with you, you’ll have forgotten all about work. Call us now for any of your needs; a party girl escort, or an intimate experience.